SwiftMEAP (formerly Mobile Edge) http://mobile.notetech.com
Mobile Edge was an award winning mobile CRM application that allowed organizations to extend the reach of their corporate CRM system to wherever their mobile resources may be. Mobile Edge provided instant access to view, edit and amend corporate CRM data anytime – whether on or offline.

SwiftMEAP (the current avatar of Mobile Edge) is a high performance, scalable, secure mobile platform. The SwiftMEAP J2EE server allows for thousands of devices/users to be easily managed and deployed. The SwiftMEAP client apps automatically download and synchronize data such that the application responds instantaneously, even when an end-user is completely out of network coverage and offline. SwiftMEAP's security has been thoroughly tested and the product proved to be highly secure; offline data is encrypted and communication between devices and the SwiftMEAP server is over SSL and can be also be over an existing VPN.

The "True Native Apps" provided by SwiftMEAP can be configured in our middleware using only a web browser and can quickly and easily be deployed to iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Although SwiftMEAP can support HTML5 it is not an HTML5 solution.So there is no need to build or code a mobile app in any way. These True Native Apps are Unicode multilingual and so automatically display the application in the appropriate language for the end-user. Furthermore,they provide incredible performance and are able to leverage core features of the underlying devices in unprecedented ways.

SwiftMEAP can connect to virtually any backend system using its web services interface. We support a wide array of connectors out of the box including SAP, Seibel, Microsoft Dynamics, DB2, Oracle DB, CICS and more. In addition SwiftMEAP can leverage corporateEnterprise Service Bus (ESB) as a conduit for mobility. SwiftMEAP is our one stop solution and provides easy access to the vital information employees need to drive the business anytime, anywhere.

SwiftMEAP customizations
i. Oracle Siebel to iPhone / iPad
    1. For Life Technologies Corporation
    2. For GK Group
    3. For AstraZeneca

ii. Oracle Siebel to Blackberry
   1. For Victaulic

iii. Microsoft Dynamics to iPad
   1. For GMK Limited

iv. CRM On Demand to iPad
  1. For Oracle Corporation

Lotus Notes Connector
The Lotus Notes Connector developed (as a product) for iEnterprises is an easy to use tool that allows the end-user to integrate and instantly synchronize their Lotus Notes emails, calendar, ToDos and PAB to and from their CRM system of choice. Let’s take a closer look at the functionalities.

i. Email Integration
     1. Copy inbound or outbound emails and attachments toyour CRM in a single click.
     2. Link Lotus notes emails with CRM Contacts, Companies,Opportunities, Projects and Cases.
     3. Select To: CC: and BCC: addresses directly from your CRM.
     4. Display CRM data such as Contact details, in Lotus Notes,with one click.
     5. Choose which contacts and emails get synchronized.

ii. Calendar Integration
Copy any Lotus Notes calendar entry to your CRM.
     1. Link calendar items with Contacts, Companies,Opportunities, Projects and Cases.
     2. Pull down the contact phone number and other importantinformation and display within Lotus Notes.
     3. Manage your calendar within Lotus Notes and haveit automatically synchronise with your CRM.

iii. Task (To Do) Integration
Copy any Lotus Notes Task to your CRM.
     1. Link Notes tasks with CRM Contacts, Companies,Opportunities, Projects and Cases.
     2. Display the contact phone number and other importantinformation in Lotus Notes.
     3. Manage your tasks within Lotus Notes and haveit automatically synchronise with your CRM.

iv. PAB Integration
Integrate Lotus Notes Personal Address Book with your CRM.
1. Upload Lotus Notes Contacts to your CRM.
2. Maintain 2 way synchronization between selected CRM contacts and your Lotus Notes PersonalAddress Book contacts.

v. Enterprise ready The Lotus Notes Connector is a client server solution.The Lotus Notes Connector plugin is installed to a user’s mail file and works in conjunction with the server component, a Lotus Notes application set up on the end-user’s Domino server. The Domino server application performs a two way scheduled synchronization between theCRMsystem and the ‘Clients’ as well as various administrative functions. The Enterprise Lotus Notes Connector has the following administrative capabilities:

  1. Admin Control Panel The administration tools found in the control panel allow the copying of user details from the Domino Directory to the LNC Enterprise Admin Database. Here they can be, individually or en mass, enabled, disabled or removed. The administrator can also remotely synchronize an individual user’s calendar/tasks.
  2. Dynamic Selection of Standard and Custom CRM Entities The Enterprise version of the Lotus Notes Connector supports the selection of any eligible CRM module for association to Email, Calendar entries or Task records.
  3. Configurable User Interface Display Options Up to four fields may be configured to be displayed, when searching for a record.
  4. Push CRM Connection Settings Administrator can push ‘Connection Settings’ such as the CRM version, Authentication Type, Unique Organisation Name, and CRM Path to users. To start using the Lotus Notes Connector all the user has to do is enter their ;CRM username and password.
  5. Available in Multiple Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

vi. Installation Easy wizard driven installation
     1. Built and easily deployed inside Lotus Notes without DLLs or files to install.
     2. Deployment throughout the enterprise is made easy using Lotus Notes replication architecture.
     3. Connects to the CRM via its Web Services Interface.
     4. Compatible with Lotus Notes 7 and above. The plugin can be quickly installed via a wizard-driven installer, available as a free of charge download, such that potential end-users can try it before purchasing. The Lotus Notes Connector does everything an end-user needs to facilitate seamless integration between Lotus Notes and their CRM system. Currently the following variants of the Lotus Notes Connector are available.

     i. Lotus Notes Connector for Microsoft Dynamics CRM
     ii. Lotus Notes Connector for Salesforce.com
     iii. Lotus Notes Connector for Siebel
     iv. Lotus Notes Connector for Oracle CRM on Demand
     v. Lotus Notes Connector for Oracle Sales Cloud


iSales is a feature rich Enterprise grade application that enables mobile professionals in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical organizations to use industry specific versions of Oracle CRM on Demand and Siebel anytime, anywhere with full online and offline capability and with virtually any internet enabled smart phone or tablet of your choice.

iSales provides an innovative solution for Pharmaceutical sales forces who need to carefully record their drug sample drops via the corporate CRM system and to deliver sales presentations using their mobile device. Until now these activities have had to be managed separately via paper records and the use of traditional lap top computers which meant much of the vital CRM information remained in independent silos and was not fed back to the corporate system in a timely or accurate manner.

Sugar plug-ins for Microsoft Office http://plugins.notetech.com

Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook Sugar Plug-In for Microsoft Outlook integrates your CRM data with your Outlook client. It supports Microsoft Outlook 2010 32bit and 64bit, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003. It has the ability to perform the following actions in Sugar Ultimate CRM, Sugar Enterprise CRM, Sugar Corporate CRM, and Sugar Professional CRM.
     1) Synchronize Contacts, Appointments, meeting and Tasks between Sugar Plug-in for
     Microsoft Outlook and Sugar CRM.
     2) Archive email items from Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook with Sugar Accounts, Bugs, Cases, Contacts, Leads,
     Opportunities and Projects.
     3)View Sugar records from within Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.
     4)Create Sugar Accounts, Bugs, Cases, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities.
     5)Each user can run only one installation of the Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.

Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Excel
Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Excel enables users to view and manage Sugar modules in Excel for Sugar Ultimate CRM, Sugar Enterprise CRM, Sugar Corporate CRM, and Sugar Professional CRM. It supports Microsoft Excel 2010 32bit and 64bit, Excel 2007 and Excel 2003. You can edit and delete existing Sugar fields in Excel and save the updated information to the Sugar database.

Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word
Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word enables you to merge data such as names and addresses from Sugar Enterprise or Sugar Professional with form letter templates created in Microsoft Word. It supports Microsoft Word 2010 32bit and 64bit, Word 2007 and Word 2003.

With Sugar Plug-in for Microsoft Word, you can perform the following actions:
  1)Perform a mail merge from Sugar using a MS Word template or mail merge from MS Word using Sugar data.
  2)Include an unlimited number of records such as accounts, contacts, and opportunities within a single merge   operation
  3)Save the merged documents as Sugar documents

Mail Merge functionality is available from the following modules:
     2) Opportunities
     3) Leads
     4) Contacts
     5) Cases

CloudLink™ ERP
CloudLink™ Point of Sale Anywhere (POS) was designed to present a variety of retail and restaurant organizations with a simple and effective integrated point of sale system. It’s an ASP.NET solution with Microsoft SQL Server as the backend. Our system which can be operated on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices can help businesses reach new heights of interactivity, and gain better understanding of the inner workings of the operation.

CloudLink™ Point of Sale Anywhere (POS) is hardware independent. It delivers consistent performance, as long as you are connected to the cloud. The solution covers retail, restaurants, crafters, trade and event sales, catalogue and phone orders, and more. We’re pushing the sell anywhere revolution, allowing orders to be tracked centrally, and connected to other important aspects of business.

The next important feather in our hat is the time and project management module. More and more solutions are making their way to the cloud, but are often disjointed when it comes to billing and usage reporting. CloudLink solves that by integrating our solution with estimating, billing, and advanced communication systems like dispatch via SMS. This helps you get a better grasp on your company’s use of time, and schedule your projects better with our integrated solution.

Associated with that is our dispatch and scheduling engine. This integrated piece adds work order management capability, and the capabilities of scheduling and dispatching appointments. Control of the dispatch calendar is centralized, and designed to meet the needs of a busy shop. With the ability to send SMS messages to smart phones, your employees can access and update tickets and work orders from the field, and keep your home office up to date. They can attach pictures, audio, and video from the field, and make your access to information better.

Finally, our detailed inventory management can help reduce waste. The system helps you clear your inventory better, know what products people are buying, and when they are buying them. It also helps you understand your trends, and how it affects your bottom line. It reports inventory that just sits, and what products and services are the ones you should be focusing your effort on.

In all of these ways, CloudLink ERP can help you with your bottom line.

i-Comply is a social media compliance software being developed for Social Smart Software, LLC (iSocialSmart). The application allows a user to interact with major social networks from a single interface. A user can post to one or more social networks through the application, or reply to a specific post from their stream. Every post is passed through proactive compliance tools to ensure that it’s compliant. The rules engine either automatically approves posts in accordance with the prevailing set of predefined rules, or route post through an appropriate approval process if the post does not conform to automatic approval. This ensures that users in an organization use social media in a compliant manner recognized by respective authorities (like regulations specified by SEC, FINRA, FERC and Sarbanes Oxley in Financial Services sector).

i-Comply has support for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and IBMConnections at the moment. The application archives every post sent through it. Posts can be scheduled to be sent to social media at a future date and time. Preapproved library facilitates selection and posting of special messages that are pre-approved and do not require further approval. Also featured is the ability to archive all the tweets from a user's timeline. The rules engine can be customized by administrators to tailor the specific needs of their organization.
In addition to the web interface, i-Comply is available as an iOS client as well as native social media websites using the help of Chrome plugin. The iOS client supports basic activities like posting and manual approval by using REST services. Whereas the Chrome plugin captures posts created in native social media websites and route them to logged in i-Comply user accounts for approval. The plugin behavior can be controlled from administrationcontrol panel of i-Comply.

The Java based application is built with Spring's Web MVC framework and the Hibernate ORM. The rules engine is implemented using Drools,the Business Logic integration Platform. Inter-process communication is achieved using Java Messaging Service (JMS). RESTful web services have been used to extend web methods for the iOS client application and the Chrome plugin. The RESTful web services use basic authentication and Spring Security (a framework that focuses on providing both authentication and authorization to Java applications) for authentication and authorization. Scribe-Java OAuth library has been used for communicating with social media APIs. The application is deployed on JBoss Application Server 7, with MySQL as the backend. It’s hosted on a Linux based virtual machine on an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) server provided by the Amazon Web Services (AWS).